Gourmet in Ayutthaya 
Tour Code: M
Experience the Culture Beauty in Thailand
Dancing Folk Song 

Tour Departure : Every Saturday & Sunday 08:40 am-06:40 pm

Meeting Point : Paragon Mall Gate 1, Ground Floor  

Note: All one day and half day tour are activities ONLY, All starting at Bangkok

Tour Description 
  1. Visiting the hundred-year traditional market and dancing with the locals.

  2. Visiting the giant river prawns market-where is the main supplier of Bangkok’s shrimp restaurant, and enjoy the great taste of Thailand’ s most famous giant river prawns!

  3. DIY experience of making one of the most popular royal snacks “Thong ek”.

  4. Having a close look of the biggest sat Buda of Thailand; you can even touch its giant fingers!

  5. The tour includes all the entrance fees, lunch, transportation fees, insurance and tour guide; it does not include the tips for the tour guide and the driver.

Knum Thorng Ek

This is the local’s favorite traditional market which can date back to hundreds of years. There are lots of royal snacks which you cannot find in Bangkok or any other place else. You can not only experience the local culture which existed for four hundred years but also can dance with the local citizens! Raise your hands and dance with the drums and fully experience you journey in Ayutthaya!

Grilled Prawn

Super fresh and juicy giant prawns are the must-have sea food in Ayutthaya. Most importantly, the price in Ayutthaya is 50% less than in the city! After being grilled, the prawns have amazing aroma and you can taste it with the special sources. There is no word can describe how amazing the taste is!

Biggest Buddha Statue

Visit a giant Buda is extremely hard in Bangkok, but in Wat Muang, you can not only walk closely to “the biggest sat Buda in Thailand” but also able to touch it’s finger tips! If you have some wishes or secrets, why not sharing with the Buda by this incredible tour.