Wine Tasting in Khao Yai Vineyard & Winery 
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Safari World & Chocolate Village
Safari World 

Tour Departure : Every Monday , Wednesday, Friday 08:15 am-08:00 pm

Meeting Point : Paragon Mall Gate 1, Ground Floor  

Note: All one day and half day tour are activities ONLY, All starting at Bangkok

Tour Description 
  1. The biggest and having most spectacular animal show zoo in Thailand-Safari World.

  2. Dining in the luxury restaurant which was built for the high-end residence.

  3. The tour includes all the entrance fees, travel insurance and lunch; dinner and tips are not included.

Chocolate Village 
Chocolate Village

In the suburban area of Bangkok, Chocolate Ville has been young people and tourist favorite spot. It has beautiful English garden which you cannot stop taking pictures! It serves Western and Thai cuisines.
(the cost of the meals are not included in the tour fees)

BKK (66 of 1)
Safari World
Safari World

Giraffe in the Safari World Zoo 

Safari World is a big scale zoo which is consisted of two parts. The first one is the Safari Park, where makes you feel like you are walking in the safari and you can observe the wild animal with a close distance. Moreover, you can watch the special “tiger feeding show” in the Safari Park. The other part is Marine Park, where you can have various animal shows such as dolphins, sea lions and birds; they also have elephant show such as elephant kicking football and elephant drawing pictures. What’s more, don’t miss the exciting cowboy shows and spy shows!

*with extra $650/person, you can have AK exclusive lunch set.