Amphawa Day Tour
Tour Code: B
Amphawa Floating Market
Amphawa Floating Market

Tour Departure : Every Friday, Saturday, Sunday 9:30am-9:30pm

Meeting Point : Paragon Mall Gate 1, Ground Floor  

Note: All one day and half day tour are activities ONLY, All starting at Bangkok

Tour Description 
  1. Visiting one of the most efficacious temple in Thailand-Wat Bang Kung

  2. Have a great Amphawa-exclusive seafood feast!

  3. Visiting Maeklong Railway Market to see the unique railway market culture!

  4. Visiting the World Heritage-Amphawa Floating Market

  5. Searching firefly at Amphawa

  6. The tour includes entrance fees, transportation fees, lunch, travel insurance and tour guide; dinner and the tips for guide and driver are not included

Wat Bang Kung 
Wat Bang Kung

Wat Bang Kung is a temple which covered by trees, and it also the top ten most efficacious temple in Thailand. Wat Bang Kung is especially efficacious of having a baby boy. In Wat Bang Kung, there is the Princess Jan Jao temple; Princess Jan Jao made great contribution. Therefore, Princess Jan Jao temple is very efficacious on the luck of getting fortune and the luck of having good career!

Sea View & Sea Food Restaurant
Maeklong River 

Maeklong river is famous for “solen strictus”. Come with us and dine in the popular local sea-view sea food restaurant to try “stir fried solen strictus” and “Pla Tuu” to have an authentic sea food feast! 

Take the Thai's Train
Railway Market

Take the train from the nearest station at the railway train station and seeing how therailway market move on and off while train arrives.


Discovery recommended tourist spot! Maeklong Railway Market is the only two markets which built on the railway. When the train comes, the venders will move off to let the train pass, which forms an unique scene!

Night Search FireFly at AMPHAWA
Amphawa Night time

Taking the long tail boat to the river and searching the fireflies together! With beautiful and well-preserved natural environment, there are not only fireflies but also lots of insects and birds in the jangle which we can appreciate on the boat.